Does anyone else get stressed about packing? Every time we go on a trip, I get crazy about packing. I write lists for everyone and take everything out, lay it on the bed and then begin the process. But then the questions start. Should I roll my shirts or fold them? How do I pack all my shoes? Am I packing enough? Don’t get me wrong, I overpack regularly, but always wonder if I have packed enough. Maybe I missed a shirt, shoes, dress or handbag. What if we go somewhere and I didn’t pack the right thing? These are the questions that float though my head. How am I going to fit everything in one big bag? I don’t, which is why I usually end up with a couple of bags. (My husband complains every trip we take that I pack too much. Lol.) what defines too much? How do you pack? What are your travel hacks? Please share in the comments. #travel #packing #roadtrip

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