Rolling with the punches

I am a planner. I plan everything. I have calendars and my lists have lists. Whenever we travel, I have packing lists, an itinerary and the itinerary covers everything from where we are going to what we are eating and when. But sometimes, the best stops are the unplanned ones. For instance, in 2013, when my husband and I had embarked on our first cross country road trip adventure, we found ourselves 20 miles from the Iowa border and decided to knock off a state we hadn’t been to yet. We found the first rest area we could so that we could get snacks and use a bathroom. That rest area turned out to be the cutest rest area ever!

The cutest rest area ever!

Another example was in 2016, we were driving by Little Bighorn and decided to stop. We toured the museum while we waited for our tour. Our tour guide turned out to be amazing! He brought the battlefield to life and made us feel as though we were in the middle of the battle. Even our kids loved it! We wouldn’t have had that encounter had we not stopped.

Little Bighorn- worth the stop!

Sometimes, it is worth throwing the plans out the window and just rolling with the punches. #travel #family #roadtrip

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