Plan your Perfect Vacation

There is a lot that goes into the perfect vacation. The first step is to decide what kind of vacation you want. Do you want to lie on the beach? Do you want to rock climb? Do you want to go close to home or far away? Or do you just want to relax on a cruise ship?

The next step is to decide where you want to do your chosen activity. You can lie on the beach in a number of US cities or in a number of place around the globe. You could lie on the beach in an all-inclusive resort, being catered to all day. With any activity you choose, there are any number of places to do that activity. So where do you want to go?

After you have made the first two decisions, you need to do research. That can take the form of looking up your destination and making sure that is exactly what you want, or it can be in the form of finding a travel agent who can help you realize your dream vacation.

Then it is time to book your flights and hotel(s) and decide if there are other modes of transportation you will need once you arrive at your destination. You can also include planning and booking any activities you will be doing while at your destination.

Finally, your trip departure day has arrived! You have packed, gotten any travel documents you may need (passport, if needed; visa, if needed) and you are ready to leave. Enjoy your trip! #travel #vacation #planning

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