Intercontinental DTLA

The Intercontinental, at first glance, looks like a luxury hotel. One of the flaws is having to check in on the 70th floor. You also have to transfer to your floor using one of two floors, the 70th or the 31st.

We stayed in the Intercontinental DTLA for three nights. Here is my review of the hotel.

After checking in, we went to our room, and waited for our luggage to arrive. And waited, and waited. It ended up taking over 45 minutes to receive our luggage, which would turn out to be a standard for any requests. Nothing is quick and the customer service is pretty lousy as well.

The room was a good size, but the system to turn on/off the lights in the room is complicated and there are no instructions. The bathroom is large, with both a tub and shower and separate toilet. The closet space is decent, but could be bigger. There was a sitting area as well, with a sofa, two oversized chairs and a table. There were four of us in the room, with a ton of luggage and we never felt crowded.

There is a fitness center on site, but a lot of the classes have a fee. It seems to be a pretty decent gym for a hotel though.

The pool area is severely lacking. There is no pool attendant and the bar/restaurant was closed most of the time we were there. Other guests and myself asked about having the fire pit turned on, as it was chilly, and were told it couldn’t be done without an attendant there. The problem with this is that there doesn’t seem to ever be an attendant there.

There is a cafe in the downstairs lobby that is not associated with the hotel and therefore is unable to allow charges to the room. The food there is ok, not great.

We attempted to go up to the bar on the 73rd floor with no success at any point during our stay.

The hotels computer system was down when we checked out and they messed up our bill as a result.

One good thing is that the hotel is located a block away from Fig and 7th, which is a great little outdoor mall. There are a number of stores and restaurants, including those in TASTE food hall. I highly recommend checking it out.

All in all, I would have to say that I cannot recommend the Intercontinental DTLA. It is trying to be a luxury hotel and failing terribly.

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