Road trip part 4

After 2 weeks on the road, including 6 days in LA, we continued our trip by heading up to Sacramento, by way of a short stop in San Francisco.

Sacramento is a great city and the Kings have a beautiful arena, Golden One. The arena has a number of environmentally friendly features, including a living wall. There is also a wonderful outdoor area right outside with a grassy games spot and paths, seating, restaurants and a movie theater.

Golden 1 center in Sacramento, CA

From Sacramento, we headed up to Eugene, and then to Seattle. Seattle is another city that has a ton to do, always. The weekend we were there, they were having their pride festival and parade. Another thing to do is to go to pike place market. There are countless shops, stalls and restaurants to wander into. The original Starbucks is there as well.

The iconic space needle in Seattle

Cutters restaurant, on the water at the market, is a fabulous restaurant with excellent food and customer service. Get a table by the water where you can watch the cruise ships.

From Seattle, we headed up to Whistler, BC. The drive up to Whistler is a very pretty one. We had stopped in Bellingham, WA for the night on the way to Whistler, so as to be closer to the border. We left early in the morning to avoid border crossing traffic and arrived in Whistler on a bright, slightly chilly, sunny day.

Whistler village

Whistler village is just charming. It is full of shops, cute little restaurants and of course, the Olympic village. Stay in the village if you can, it is nice to be able to walk out of your hotel and be right there.

The Olympic Rings in Whistler

We had chosen to stay in Canada for a few days to be able to go places we hadn’t been before. From Whistler, we headed to Calgary and Edmonton. We took our time going to Calgary, going through the Canadian Rockies and stopping in Golden, BC and Kamloops, BC. We also stopped in Banff, just to walk around. The scenery on this drive is just stunning.

It was like this the entire drive from Whistler to Kamloops.
This is as we were coming into Banff

We stayed in Edmonton for a night and headed back to Calgary the next day. We were fortunate enough to be in Calgary for the first night of the famous Calgary Stampede. If this is not something you have experienced, it is a must! The Calgary Stampede is a whole lot of fun for the whole family!

Wagon races
Evening show

We finished our stay in Canada by crossing the border by Glacier National Park (the US version). This border crossing is quite small and not used much unless you are going to Glacier. It serves it purpose though, by putting you almost at the entrance to Going to the Sun road. We drove the entire length of Going to the Sun road, stopping at certain instances to take pictures, see glaciers, and touch snow.

One of few glaciers left in Glacier
Beautiful fields and falling water abound in Glacier
Leftover snow from the winter. It was early July when we were there, by the way.

I would love to go back to the parts of Canada we were in, especially Whistler and Banff. I highly recommend a trip there soon!

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