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Fall in Love with Barcelona: Why October in Spain is a Travel Agent's First Choice


Autumn in Barcelona is truly mesmerizing. 

As the Summer crowds have packed and headed home, the city transforms from a touristy hub of street vendors and “I Heart Espania” tshirts, back into the elusively charming Spanish city that it is. Nestled in the heart of Catalonia, Barcelona is an oil painting brought to life. Designed by exquisite artists and architects, every corner of the city is a Gothic or Gaudi masterpiece. 

A work of art most people never get to see. 

When is the Best Time to Travel to Spain?

Most people are home in the Fall. Rushing from school to sports to scouts, consistently two cups of coffee in by 10am and falling asleep over emails or iphone calendars. 

Most people travel in the Summer and over Winter holidays. They pack up their family during school breaks and hop on crowded planes or busy highways to begin their luxury vacation. 

Most people spend thousands to traipse across beautiful cities, join popular tours, and stand mesmerized in front of breathtaking sights… only to find themselves packed in between hundreds of their closest strangers at every turn. These “stranger” tourists increase wait times at the best restaurants, hide local markets behind flashy tourist stands, cover the historically cobblestoned streets and find their way home with you in the background of all your family photos. Yes, most people’s understanding of the European city they sought to authentically experience becomes shaped by the season they chose to travel. 

But, it doesn’t have to be that way.

Where is the Top European Fall Destination?

Barcelona in October. 

You can’t watch the leaves change colors to match the vibrant peppers of the spicy Spanish markets on an all-inclusive beach vacation. You can’t live out your favorite romantic movie, strolling hand-in-hand down Carrer De Blai under the romantic effervescent glow of incandescent bulbs uninterrupted in the busy season. You can’t swim in the Mediterranean sea, capture city sights from mountaintop and slip in and out of hidden wine bars, exclusive eateries, prominent art galleries and designer boutiques like the true celebrity that you are, anywhere other than Barcelona in the Fall.

It’s true. This sparkling Spanish city becomes your runway, picture perfect, as you explore Europe, the way it was intended to be experienced, intimate, decadent and exclusively yours

Ready to Experience European Elegance Like Never Before?

First stop on our trip to Barcelona? El Palauet.

El Palauet is the most exclusive reservation in Barcelona. 

The former Casa Bonaventura Ferrer was designed by famous architect Pere Falques i Urpi and declared a piece of Barcelona’s Historic and Artistic Heritage in 1979. Fully renovated in 2010, the elegant manor house is the international oasis of beauty, history and comfort. 

With only six two-bedroom apartments available, the El Palauet prides itself on a level of customer service exclusive to only the most royal of engagements. Each suite is provided a personal assistant that coordinates with our luxury travel agency to ensure every moment of your trip is catered to your every whim and desire. 

    √ Breakfast prepared in your suite each morning. Check. 

   √ Clothes dry cleaned and pressed. Check.

   √ Coordinate a nanny, personal trainer and driver. Check, check and check.

Looking for the perfect pieces to commemorate your Spanish adventures, but not interested in spending days roaming boutiques or local markets? The El Palauet goes so far as to provide personal shoppers committed to finding unique items tailored to your specific needs and wish lists. 

Enjoy Every Moment with Personalized Adventures in Spain


Up next on your luxury trip? Exploration! Relaxation! Total bliss.

Bask in the sun at the beach, hike the Catalonia mountains, shop, eat, explore and experience the best of Barcelona and surrounding towns. Everywhere you look is a masterpiece of art, architecture and nature. Even the Autumn weather is a perfect 70 and sunny in October.


So, start with breakfast in bed prepared by your private chef. Then, slip off to some light sightseeing of monuments and museums. Enjoy lunch overlooking the Mediterranean Sea and kick up your feet as you settle into a plush robe at a luxurious Spanish spa. Or, hop aboard a private catamaran for a sunset, champagne tour that docks a Spanish beach club. See the city from above on a 360 degree skywalk tour via private helicopter. Looking for more of a thrill? Make a few laps around a Formula 1 race track in a Ferrari or Lamborghini.


Whether you’re looking for a wine tasting, adults only beach, rooftop terrace five-course meal kind of escape. Or, a learn to sail, local cooking class, FC Barcelona futbol match kind of adventure. Barcelona has everything you could imagine and more.

Don't Fall Back into the Fall Routine. Elevate your Autumn with a European Escape.

So what are you waiting for?


Schedule a consultation today and tomorrow we will start planning your perfect, luxurious, relaxing, and just plain fun getaway.


Tell us your dreams and let us curate a designer experience that exceeds your wildest expectations.

P.S. – Wear the wildly impractical, showstopping shoes. Taste every dessert on the menu. Vacation is meant to be a break & for the person who does it all (eh hem, nudge nudge) let us do something for YOU!



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