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Yes. We can book anything you can dream of from private jets, to yachts, to restaurant reservations.

Absolutely! We highly recommend travel insurance whenever possible. Travel protection is worth the investment, as it has potential to help reimburse you for covered travel related expenses, such as emergency evacuation, medical bills and costs related to trip cancellation. There are different kinds of policies, so please ask us to assist you in picking the best one for you.

Yes. All you need to do is fill out a transfer form. Just ask us. We can forward the form to your email.

Every time we go on a trip, I get crazy about packing. I write lists for everyone and take everything out, lay it on the bed and then begin the process. But then the questions start. Should I roll my shirts or fold them? How do I pack all my shoes? Am I packing enough? Don’t get me wrong, I over pack regularly, but always wonder if I have packed enough. Maybe I missed a shirt, shoes, dress or handbag. What if we go somewhere and I didn’t pack the right thing? These are the questions that float though my head. How am I going to fit everything in one big bag? I don’t, which is why I usually end up with a couple of bags. (My husband complains every trip we take that I pack too much. Lol.) what defines too much? How do you pack? What are your travel hacks? Please share in the comments. #travel #packing #roadtrip

susan shure travel

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