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In 2016 the total number of river cruise guests was expected to exceed 500,000 from the U.S. and Canada. This represented a 700% increase in the number of river cruisers since 2001, according to Viking River Cruises. River cruising has become the fastest-growing segment of the travel industry and it’s easy to see why. Here is a list of important reasons you should consider it over ocean liners

1. River cruise iconic waterways

If you’ve ever wished a time you could stand still, or at least slowdown, to better appreciate the magical moments that life has to offer, a river cruise could be the perfect holiday for you. Sailing along world iconic waterways aboard one of these magnificent vessels is surely the most relaxing and sublimely comfortable way to enjoy the continent’s grand cultural cities and ever-changing scenic panoramas.

2. A new destination every day

River cruising is one travel trend that is here to stay. A big reason for this is the ability to greet each new day in a new city. A river cruise allows you to sample the sights of several different places, stopping at each port for a few hours at a time. This offers passengers an itinerary full of unique destinations to discover.

visiting new destinations by river cruise

3. River cruises are luxurious

River cruise ships are often called ‘floating hotels’ and it’s easy to see why. On-board accommodation varies in size and style, with the majority of cruise ships fitted out with 4- and 5-star rooms and suites. You are almost always granted a room to watch the landscapes change from the confines of your cabin. Most river cruises are around seven nights, though some are longer and others shorter, and rooms are generally double occupancy. There are comfortable lounges, balconies, and open decks that provide an array of opportunities to hang out and relax in the sun or shade. Sun decks can include pools, hot tubs, putting greens, chaise lounges, herb gardens, shuffleboard, and oversize lawn chess.

4. Unpacking once

When you’re traveling point-to-point, it can be hard to feel settled knowing you will have to re-pack and head to another hotel before too long. Forget about lugging those bags from one lobby to the next, river cruises allow you to get comfortable. Unpack just once and keep your home comforts close by in your private cabin, with plenty of room to store away your purchases from your port stops along the way. A very great experience.

5. Enjoy on-shore activities

Every day will be an exciting experience in a new destination. You will enjoy guided city tours, discover many hidden gems, go on optional excursions, and have time at your leisure. Most river cruises take place during the warmer months, perfect for on-land excursions. Cruise companies often partner with local guides to offer more intimate adventures ashore, from tours of ancient castles to bustling markets and other cultural hubs.

on-shore activities by river cruise

6. Perfect for river cruise beginners

River cruises provide a great introduction to life on board. If you’re not sure you’re suited for a life afloat, it’s a great way to start your journey towards earning your river legs.  it’s a great option for those prone to seasickness.

7. A relaxed momentum

River cruises tend to attract a certain type of traveler; one who isn’t in a hurry to inhale every world city, but would rather sit back and view the sights both grand and humble. You can get the lay of the land on a river cruise, and the vantage point of a spacious sundeck makes the viewing experience even sweeter. Some river cruises dock at night and cruise by day, some do it the other way around, but all river cruises allow ample time for on-land exploring and onboard enjoyment. Every moment counts.

8. Incredible value

As we know, river cruises have so much to offer in the richness of destinations and experiences you can immerse yourself in on just one trip, it should come as no surprise that they are incredible value for money for other reasons. As a starting point, most cruise lines offer you a free city tour of each port on your trip, whilst onboard you can enjoy fast and free wi-fi and complimentary beer, wine, and soft drinks to refuel after a day of exploring. Value for money.


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