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4 Tours to Enjoy Disney at its Finest- No Lines, No Crowds, No Stress

I need a vacation to recover from my vacation.” 

Ever felt that way?

Maybe it was after a week at the beach with family. A ski trip in Utah with a few too many black diamonds (or blue squares for me). The morning after a 14 hour plane ride home from the picturesque and slightly boozy Tour of Tuscany. 

Whatever the adventure, you requested the time off, rearranged your schedule, relocated your pets, packed the family and took off on what was intended to be a much needed break from your daily routine, a stress-reliever, memory maker and time to just breathe. 

This year, your family decided to go to Disney World- the most magical place on earth. Your kids love Mickey Mouse and Elsa and Star Wars. So what could possibly go wrong?


You found a flight, booked a room at a Disney Resort and bought your theme park passes. Done, you thought. Trip planned. Right?


Photo by Craig Adderley

Disney with 50,000 Friends

Within ten minutes of entering your first theme park, you realize just how wrong you were…

You and the 150,000 other visitors that rearranged their schedules, packed up their families and traveled to the most magical place on earth. Yup, that’s right. 150,000 guests visit Walt Disney World theme parks every day. In 2001, the Magic Kingdom alone averaged 57,000 guests per day.1

You wanted the fairytale, the reach for the stars, shoot for the moon, bippityy boppity boop experience. To ride in the front row of Space Mountain, get pictures taken with Minnie and Mickey, sing along during the Festival of Fantasy parade. To pouf from attraction to attraction while a soft breeze cools the Florida sunshine. An endless array of cold drinks and tasty treats arrive during your brief wait, just long enough to reminisce over the last attraction before hoping on or into the next. Let’s be honest, when you picture Disney this is what you’re really wanting. 

But there you were, ten minutes in and already trying to decide if waiting 55 minutes for a 6 minute ride was really worth the trouble.

Beat the Heat and Skip the Line

It makes sense that there would be a lot of people visiting the most magical place on earth. To be fair, you expected crowded trams, a short wait to get in and some people ahead of you at different attractions. What you didn’t prepare for was the sheer chaos of people everywhere. Lines to get in, lines for rides, lines around characters, food, souvenirs- there was even a line outside the men’s restroom. 


Your luxury, all-inclusive Disney World adventure is starting to feel a little more like Black Friday at Target and a little less like pina coladas at St. Barts. 


Heigh-ho heigh-ho to wait in line you go. 

You’ve planned, you’ve paid, you’ll sweat all day- in line 

Heigh-ho heigh-ho heigh-ho


But don’t go searching for a tropical escape just yet! I have a way for you to beat the heat, skip the line, and enjoy Disney more luxuriously than you could ever imagine.

Four Tours for a Luxury Disney Experience

1. Disney VIP Tour

Avoid the crowds and explore the parks at your own pace with a Disney VIP Tour. Craft your dream Disney day from start to finish with the expertise of the tour services team. Beat the heat and skip the lines as you’re whisked from attraction to attraction in a private vehicle. Enjoy unparalleled hospitality, true white glove service, and get an insider’s scoop on all things Disney as you travel throughout the day with your very own VIP Tour Guide. 

  • Private vehicle escort throughout multiple parks
  • Efficiently experiencing some of the most popular attractions.
  • Personal VIP Tour Guide providing behind-the-scenes access and information


Not quite ready to commit to the full VIP Tour? Ease into a life of luxury with Disney’s Backstage: Keys to the Kingdom Tour.

2. Keys to the Kingdom Tour

Ready to experience an urban legend? Disney’s Keys to Kingdom tour takes you through the Magic Kingdom “utilidor” style. That’s right. What better way to beat the heat and skip the line than by walking through the mythical, underground tunnels at the Magic Kingdom?! Become part of the Disney cast, crew and family as you learn the history, the attention to detail and the secrets that make Walt Disney World a dream come true. 


But, remember- no paparazzi on this excursion. Disney’s Keys to the Kingdom Tour is completely photo free. In an effort to maintain it’s exclusivity, and protect all of Disney’s hidden gems, no cameras, videos or cell phones can be used throughout the duration of the tour. Unplug, underground and get ready to experience something truly unbelievable. 


Speaking of unbelievable… top off an incredible day of touring with a bang Disney magic!

Photo by Benjamin Sutter

Light Up the Night: Disney Firework Tours

3. Firework Cruise

Beat the heat and skip the line with a private charter. Disney firework cruises set sail from all Disney marinas and provide uninterrupted access to viewing Disney’s Enchantment firework show at the Magic Kingdom or the Harmonious at Epcot. Aboard ship you’ll experience synchronized show audio and 360 degree views to become transported into the magical world of Disney. 


Hungry? Thirsty? 


Don’t let the distractions derail your experience. Each yacht comes stacked with a smorgasbord of snacks and drinks to keep your crew focused on the spectacular show at hand. And, if you’re feeling extra fancy, personalize your evening sail with special requests for decor to commemorate the special occasion. 


Wanting an open water experience, but not quite ready to charter a private cruise? Interested in sipping on firework-themed cocktails while the kids are immersed in an ultraviolet scavenger hunt? Sit back, relax and check out the Ferrytale Fireworks: Sparkling Dessert Cruise.

4. Ferrytale Fireworks: Sparkling Dessert Cruise

Set sail out of the Seven Seas Lagoon for fifty minutes of full firework fun. From firework-themed decorations to specialty drinks with a little extra kaboom and desserts that truly wow the taste buds, voyage along the Ferrytale Cruise is nothing short of enchanting. 


No need for iPads to keep your kids entertained while you wait for this show! A maze of blacklight clues lead kids through a one-of-a-kind ultraviolet scavenger hunt before the big show. And, just when you think nothing can get better than cocktails, key lime pie and evening firework cruise, the crew slips you a pair of Mickey Vision glasses to not just watch the firework show, but to become immersed within it. Whether you’re five, fifteen, fifty-five or anywhere in the vicinity, the Ferrytale Fireworks cruise has something just for you.

Ready to Experience the Magic

Walt Disney World was intentionally designed to transport guests into a fairytale, a real life pumpkin to chariot, glass slipper type experience. But, for many, the closest they come to this fairytale are some magical words or hand gestures they’d like to share after winding through crowds of people in circular parks under the 90 degree Florida sun all day.


It wasn’t meant to be that way. It doesn’t have to be that way.


Let Susan Shure Luxury Travel be your fairy godmother. Susan and her team of experienced luxury travel agents have a knack for elevating experiences from ordinary to extraordinary. They are committed to taking your vision, your dream, and crafting your personalized vacation that encompasses all the magic, the mystery, and enchantment of Disney- without any of the stress, drama or disappointment. 


Reserve your free fifteen minute consult today to begin turning your wildest vacation dreams into reality. 


Want to learn more about how to experience Disney the way it was initially intended? Full of pixie dust, faraway castles and royal balls. 


Tune in to receive all our Experience the Magic: Disney At It’s Finest blogs. Pick your poison- Disney Resorts That’ll Rival Any All-Inclusive Escape or An Enchanting Spa Day: The Disney Way. Both blogs heading to a computer (or phone) near you soon!

And remember, even Cinderella had a fairy godmother. With the help of Susan, “if you keep on believing, the dreams that you wish will come true.”

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