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Eat Local: Top 10 Traditional Dishes in Venice

Italy is known for having one of the richest, most decadent cuisines in all the world. Pasta, pizza, gelato- these Italian classics are both comfort foods and high-end delicacies. They're found in Michelin star restaurants, romantic bistros, hometown diners, trendy dives and if you're lucky- your grandma's kitchen. It can be tempting to feel so familiar with Italian food, that you instinctively begin to google "best pizza places in Venice " when planning for your next trip. But, don't get caught in the TripAdvisor trap. This year, we officially challenge you to eat (like a) local in Italia. Taste the best Venice has to offer in these ten traditional dishes- found in truly local Venetian restaurants throughout the city. 


10 Meals Not to Miss in Venice, Italy

1. Spaghetti in Nero di Seppia

This charcoal-colored pasta-looking dish is pieces of squid slow-cooked in tomato sauce. The charcoal color comes from the ink of the squid, which is added after the preparation is complete. 


2. Sarde in Saor

Over a reduced flame, onions are cooked until they become transparent and fragrant. Pine nuts, raisins, and lastly, sardines are then mixed in with the onions to create this delightfully tasty dish.  


3. Fritto Misto

This divine dish is simply shrimp, fishballs, and calamari, all breaded and deep-fried to perfection. Although many restaurants serve this dish, they all add their own flavors, bread topping, and touches, so don’t hesitate to try them all!


4. Baccala Mantecato

For hours, dried codfish is cooked until the bone is nearly dissolved. It is them creamed with oil to the most impeccable consistency. This makes a great late-night spread for bread and is even better paired with some Venetian wine. 


5. Bigoli in salsa

Onions, anchovies, and fennel seeds are added to the sauce of this magnificent Venetian whole wheat pasta dish. This is one of Venice’s signature cuisines and a must-try!


6. Frittelle

Overfilled with cream or raisins and candied orange peel, and dipped in sugar, these delectable doughnuts are the perfect mid-day treat. 


7. Tramezzino

This snack entails using pieces of bread in the shape of a triangle and filling them with all sorts of delicious foods such as cheese, tomatoes, artichoke, olives, and more. The options are endless!


8. Moeche Fritte

These small crabs are breaded and fried whole without the shell. You will find this delicacy served at many fancy Venetian restaurants. 


9. Fegato Alla Veneziana

This dish is a Venetian past-time. In fact, it’s a past-time for many cultures. It is liver fried up and laid over a bed of slow-cooked onions.


10. Castraure

These vibrant colored violet artichokes are picked prematurely then boiled. You won’t even have to peel it, take a bite, and enjoy!

Travel to Venice.


Explore the sites, the history, the shopping and the iconic Italian food. Take your time and check off all ten local delicacies highlighted on this list. These dishes are not the spaghetti and meatballs found on nearly every corner of the globe. Each of these orders are traditional, Venetian delights. Truly the best kept culinary secrets in all of Italy.

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